For nearly half a century Top-Co has specialized in the design and manufacture of oilfield casing cementing products including float shoes and collars, centralizers and hardware. As the industry continues to overcome new and challenging conditions Top-Co's engineered technology is there to deliver solutions.


Stage Cementing EquipmentTop-Co's stage cementing tools ensure success in multiple stage cementing applications, precisely positioning the cement slurry during stage cementing operations.

Top-Co's Type 600 Series stage cementing equipment is designed for use in the following applications:
  - Horizontal wellbores where the bend radius requires cementing
  - If different blends of cement require safe pumping into the wellbore
  - Where there may be a breakdown of low pressure formations

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Float EquipmentPrimary cementing is the process of displacing drilling fluid and placement of cement slurry to form a continuous and competent cement sheath within the wellbore annulus, while maintaining well control and preventing fluid migration between permeable zones.
Float equipment contains or acts as a check valve preventing backflow of cement into the casing.
Once casing is in place the separation of two hydrostatic columns of fluid and maintenance of differential pressure is achieved using float equipment while sustaining the goal of preventing backflow.
Float equipment production processes include:
·        Material processing, machining, valve production, cementing, quality control testing and inspections are performed by Top-Co technicians.
·        Utilizing seamless casing grade steel produced by API licensed mills.
·        Machining processed in-house on computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment.
·        API registered master thread gauges and working gauges are used for inspection of all API connections
·        Top-Co float valves are tested and rated in compliance with API Recommended Practice 10F.

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Centralizers, Casing AccessoriesTop-Co's primary cementing tools and casing accessories are essential components of a successful casing running and cementing program. Casing accessories assist the operator in successfully placing and supporting the casing string in the wellbore, enhancing mud removal and providing zone isolation.

Proper selection of primary cementing accessories reduces the need for secondary cementing, ensuring tubulars get to target depth, achieve optimum circulation and reducing risk of differential sticking.

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Cementing Plugs


Cementing plugs are utilized to cement casing in a wellbore while wiping casing surfaces clean of drilling mud, spacers and cement. Cementing plugs also prevent over displacement of the cement slurry and indicate when the cementing job is complete and a positive seal has been achieved.

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Inner String Cementing EquipmentUtilizing inner string float equipment allows for large diameter casing strings to be cemented through the drillpipe or tubing and stung into and/or sealed into the float shoe or collar. Top-Co offers inner string cementing equipment available with or without a latch-in feature on the stinger.

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